Dear RCC Family

I said in my last letter, Restoration Christian Church wants to ensure the health and well-being of our local community of faith. As you know, the CDC has new health requirements regarding the COVID-19 outbreak and RCC will follow those guidelines. Starting this Sunday, we will be moving our remaining March services online. 

This Sunday, 3/22 @ 10:00 am, we will upload a sermon on our website & YouTube channel to view. 

On 3/29 @ 10:00 am, we will Livestream our service allowing you, your family and friends to view in real time. We will have our usual format: worship, welcome, offering message, sermon, and a closing call to Christ.

Kidzville and R3 will be using an E-learning format that you can learn more about on their social media pages. We will suspend all midweek programs and rehearsals until further notice. These programs and events include: Celebrate Recovery, Family Night, Dance Practice, Choir Practice, Thursday Prayer, TRUE, TRUE retreat, and Men of Impact. 

Pastor Pat and I will continue to observe regular office hours while avoiding an excess of 10 or more people in the church. 

Connecting with you is still important to us. Which is why we are asking you to follow or like our social media pages: Restoration Christian Church, R3, and Kidzville. We will update these pages regularly to keep you in the loop. Our website is also another great place to stay connected. In addition, communicate regularly with our church family. We are in this together and by sending a text or calling someone on the phone is a great way to spread God’s love.

Please note: After our 3/29 service, we will assess week by week when we can have Sunday service at the church. In the meantime, stay home, enjoy our online services, and invite a friend to view us too.

Thank you for understanding and continue to pray for our nation. #ChristAboveTheCrisis

God Bless,

Pastor Dan Johnson

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